• Joseph Schechter

    Executive Vice President

  • Gila Newman

    Creative Director

  • Shawn Bukiet


  • Chastity Rivera

    Divisional Controller

  • Nina Begun

    VP Assistant

  • Sam Lewis

    Director of Operations

  • James Grossbaum

    Director of Marketing

  • Pawel Zolynski

    Art Director

  • Tyler Waugh

    Content Strategist Manager

  • Dylan Lew

    Director of Engineering

  • Alex Trkulja

    Product Manager

  • Priscilla Vela

    Customer Service Manager

  • Mala Singh

    Fleet Account Manager

  • Nancy Henriquez

    Account Executive

  • Tad Kent

    Account Executive

  • Nick Wineberg

    Account Executive

  • Mike Wineberg

    Account Executive

  • Amanda Mahabir

    Account Executive

  • Headshot of Alex

    Alexander Simon

    Account Executive

  • Amir Hameed

    Inventory Manager

  • Anthony Rivera

    Warehouse Manager

  • Jeff Lashley

    Quality Control

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